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Peer to Peer Marketing

  • The business connections made through our Peer To Peer Marketing program can be compared to the connections you make when you join a sports team or club. You’ll find yourself connecting and growing while gathering invaluable information that will attract clients and help you see immediate results.
  • Even more, we’ll be able to help you develop a strong team of people who will assist you with your goal to create an amazing business and even more amazing life. Our programs are the stepping stones that will get you there and we pride ourselves on providing valuable content that will bring you tangible results.
  • Our program is divided into the following areas:
  • The Foundations
  • How to build a house of referrals
  • Referrals VRS Sales
  • Scorecard Points
  • Part 1 – You
  • Your emotionally charged connections
  • Part 2 – Your Target Market
  • My target market
  • Part 3 – Your People
  • 3 Types of networks
  • Measuring your relationships
  • Your referral partners
  • Part 4 – Your Activities
  • 16 Relationship builders
  • 7 Types of networks
  • 10 Steps to choose a network
  • Part 5 – Training Your People
  • 10 Levels of referrals
  • We will not only develop a Peer To Peer Marketing plan for your business but design the entire life cycle of creating a brand story to outreach marketing initiatives to executing a lead generation program that should get you more conversions and trigger another round of referral sales.
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