Choreograph Customer Connects

Offline Touch points

Offline touchpoints include marketing collaterals that act as an extension of a company’s marketing efforts. These efforts may not attempt immediate self-promotion of sales, but focus on communication pegs that intend to solve buyers’ needs and challenges. In B2B scenarios, sales transactions have long cycles and large deal values. Sales reps need to constantly nurture buyers with appropriate marketing collateral through the length of the sales cycle. Effective marketing collateral can help build lasting customer relationships. In B2C situations, customers tend to decide quickly before they buy a product. So, marketing collateral such as customer reviews, product details, websites, etc. help buyers arrive at decisions. We develop both B2B and B2C communication points for your business.

Online Touch Points

Online Touch points is not just about having a website and social media handles. An effective online presence needs a clear vision. Having the knowledge about what your target market is. Have clarity on your target customers so you know how to approach and appeal to them. Define the keywords that relate to that market.

Expose yourself to your target market though a website or a blog. Have a compelling, aesthetically appealing and organised way of putting out your message.

Social Media handles are your gateway to having a direct relationship with your target market. To become more effective, you need to interact not just to get your word out, but to gain trust and credibility too so that your audience is also a brand advocate for you.