Execute Growth Engine

The Sales Machine

Every business commerce requires new customers, recurring customers and loyal customers. The Sales Machine Module is designed to generate interest in your product or company in some way after hearing about you in some communication we may have designed and executed. We do not leave gaps for your team to randomly make calls. We build filters into the contact form that a prospect may be filling to make sure that they are expecting a call from us – working more on the pull mechanism than push.

Making use of Social Media, Adwords, Reputation Management, Discussion threads, Whatsapp, SMS and Email marketing, we make sure your sales team is busy doing what they were hired for – making calls, filtering hot leads and closing sales to keep the revenue cycle going.

Tech Enabled CRM

The process of acquiring, serving and retaining customers is crucial for business success. The projections of your business are directly linked to the engagement and interaction you have with your customers to establish a warm, responsive relationship. Businesses aiming to serve their customer better and forestall their deflecting to competitors due to dissatisfaction need superior strategies to support their business processes.

This can be achieved through a meticulously implemented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program. A large base of loyal customers is required for the survival of and long term prosperity of all businesses.

After-Sales Management

The service you provide to your customers reflects on your company. At the core of any business and a productive projection, statement lies after-sales service. At the same time, this is one function that drives customer loyalty, especially with customers having high expectations.

Our tools on Peer to Peer Marketing and Post Sales Management Programs help you to build close relationships and make your customers more inclined to trust you and keep coming back to you for more.