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Influencer Marketing

  • Yes, YouTubers, TikTokers, and a whole diaspora of youngsters and aged alike on social media claim to be influencers. Sadly, they are not influencers. They are mere billboards of the new age media pasting some advertisers content on their timelines, pages or handlers. It’s being a buzzword for a while but not all ‘claiming to be influencers’ actually have the power to affect the purchasing decision of others because of their authority, knowledge or engagement with the audience. Moreover, the kind of audience you reach out to will entirely depend on their ecosystem of content and patrons.
  • This is where you require an experience agency like us to curate a campaign with your respective objective, engineer your brand’s vision, spirit and positioning into the communication objective and then put together a list of celebrities and online influencers to make sure that people who watch your communication are not by accident but intelligently shortlisted from the infinite world of influencers from relevant category.
  • This could involve short videos, posts, tweets or even an entire series curated entirely for your brand involving individual or multiple influencers to endorse and opine on your brand / product to make sure you achieve top of mind recall just when your product / service needs it.
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