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What We Do

Design Brand Narrative

Your brand narrative is the ultimate reel in that makes the prospect travel through the buying funnel. The narrative needs both relevance and consistency across product lines and channels. We curate your #DigitalTransformation using new age media to weave your large, meta-narrative the same way as the trailer of a blockbuster and woo the audience. And then, with sustained push and pull engagements, we keep unfolding your story to the prospect, then the customer to convert their preference into loyalty to your narrative.

Choreograph Customer Connects

Where would your prospect go to seek answers? Every brand answers this bit. Now the trick question – where would your customer go to seek answers? Ideally, to a responsive customer care. But going by the disgruntled world of post sales itch forums, this is really not happening. A lot of customer communication has moved to the informal medium – phones, social media, tweets & tagging. And when you loose out of trackable feedback, you loose out on the opportunity to respond, to connect and to develop an engagement channel wherein your customer should ideally keep coming back for more.

Execute Growth Engine

Until recently, #BusinessSolutions had to seek guidance from the supplier / manufacturer for crucial information. Today, customers are better informed than ever before due to #DigitalTransformation. By the time they approach suppliers, they have a clear idea of the problem they need to solve, and the available solutions. We reach out to your potential customers with curated solutions that leave little room to exercise efficiency and effectiveness in dealing with highly knowledgeable customers.

Our Process

  • Discover & Onboard
  • Ideate & Conceptualise
  • Design & Integrate
  • Execute & Publish
  • Analyse & Achieve

When the objective is to become an extended brand custodian and #BusinessTransformation team, we need to understand your business, operations and vision as deeply as you do, and feel equally excited about it. Therefore, between the Contract to Commencing assignment, we go through a round of questionnaire, set expectations, define next steps, curate a cheat sheet and collect docs to ensure smooth sailing to contain any mistakes.

Ideas are at the core of our business – be it #DigitalTransformation, Activation or Designing a #BrandNarrative. A basic framework to develop a unique business solution for you covers our learning about you, identifying the communication pegs, generating ideas, mitigating their impact in real life scenarios, and identifying mediums to roll out for optimising outreach and maximising eyeballs. Often, dipstick with a subset of prospective audience forms a part of this.

In the designing phase, the process diverges and expands as information and efficiency is measured through multiple manifestations of the concept. Through a series of evaluation and ‘Yes Matrix’ phases, a single concept is refined, flashed and developed. Herein, comes the carry vehicle. Depending on the audience, this could be social media, technology implementation, on-ground activation, outdoor, syndicate PR, reputation management or conventional media. Our team has dexterity to handle them all.


‘An idea is only as good as the execution is’, they say. We couldn’t agree more! A good execution requires a detailed plan, the right media supervised by experienced people to create operational, marketing and impactful excellence. A detailed planning for key pivots to assess, milestones to watch out for and metrics to track performance are set prior to publishing the communication / program / application / activation.

Two-way communication is key. Customers won’t be happy if your team doesn’t listen to feedback and expectations. Likewise, at our end, we engage various tools to listen to the response to our activity, to understand audience response, to assess our impact and design a course-correction; if necessary to optimise use of every penny spent on your outreach program. The analysis also involves competitors, customer reviews and our team expectations. Objective is not to keep up with results, but to surpass them every time.


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