What is a Brand Story?

Unlike traditional advertising which is all about product sampling, unique propositions, marketing pegs and some gimmicks to capture popular imagination and attention, a Brand Story inspires an emotional reaction. It draws a connect with a potential customers, engages with them at various levels. This narrative exists … whether you like it or not! You actively work on building it, and you will have control of the perception and customer connect. You don’t work on it, they shall still make their own links to your business, or break away from them, whatever the case may be!

What is Rewriting your Brand Story?

The pandemic has given a chance for the world to reboot. There’s room today for restarting everything, shedding perceptions and inhibitions and putting your best foot forward all over again. The rise of Social Media has made public conversations about a brand common. People discuss their experiences with products and services on forums and social media platforms. Today, advertising and marketing is a two way street and not just a monologue that trickles down to a customer. It is the time of instant feedback and subsequent iterations in brand engagement.

How to rewrite your Brand Story?

You have to lead your Brand Story and not allow it to take shape independent of your inputs. Insert your compelling, engaging story into the mix. The more it is attached to, and reflective of your real values, the more it drives your business towards fostering an emotional engagement. The values attach like-minded individuals to you Brand Narrative and this engagement defines the market perceptions around your business. Identify media channels to cover larger audience in a phased manner. User your media outlay efficiently and effectively. The Brand Story is often the secret ingredient that may inspire the audience to associate with a start up and yet continue believing in centuries old brands even today.

#RewriteYourBrandStory with our Offerings

Absolute Performance Booking Engine

Take control of your business – right from the marketing outreach strategy, to execution, to Lead Generation, to Lead Management, scheduling appointments, GDPR Compliance and Cashflow Management from a single window. #BeinAbsoluteControl Website with a brand story Social Media Management Lead Generation

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Peer to Peer Marketing

The business connections made through our Peer To Peer Marketing program can be compared to the connections you make when you join a sports team or club. You’ll find yourself connecting and growing while gathering invaluable information that will attract clients and help you see immediate results. Even more, we’ll be able to help you [...]
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Custom Software Development

Effectively automating complex operations involving multiple user interfaces, stakeholders and integrated systems while ensuring compliance with best practices and regulations, we have synergised our custom software development expertise to create programs and project with measurable results. You can bank on our software development team to enhance your solution’s speed to market, achieving customer / in-house [...]
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Reputation Management

It’s an age of opinions and reviews. Social media networks, review sites, blogs and everywhere on the Internet, customers, ex-employees, competitors, journalists and anyone else can manipulate or influence your reputation and post negative feedback / news at will. Round the clock. We work round the clock as well. To offer best online monitoring services [...]
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Packaging Design

Consider what product packaging design does to your product: Most importantly, packaging identifies your brand. Packaging communicates with the consumer and presents an image, while also providing instructions for its use. Packaging distinguishes your product from your competitor’s in its design, color, and shape. Packaging should have consumer appeal, a distinctiveness that makes your product [...]
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Influencer Marketing

Yes, YouTubers, TikTokers, and a whole diaspora of youngsters and aged alike on social media claim to be influencers. Sadly, they are not influencers. They are mere billboards of the new age media pasting some advertisers content on their timelines, pages or handlers. It’s being a buzzword for a while but not all ‘claiming to [...]
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Our commitment to quality and services ensure our clients happy. With years of experiences and continuing research, our team is ready to serve your interior design needs. We’re happy to make you feel more comfortable on your home.

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Social Media Management

Our commitment to quality and services ensure our clients happy. With years of experiences and continuing research, our team is ready to serve your interior design needs. We’re happy to make you feel more comfortable on your home.

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Our Process

  • Discover & Onboard
  • Ideate & Conceptualise
  • Design & Integrate
  • Execute & Publish
  • Analyse & Achieve

When the objective is to become an extended brand custodian and #BusinessTransformation team, we need to understand your business, operations and vision as deeply as you do, and feel equally excited about it. Therefore, between the Contract to Commencing assignment, we go through a round of questionnaire, set expectations, define next steps, curate a cheat sheet and collect docs to ensure smooth sailing to contain any mistakes.

Ideas are at the core of our business – be it #DigitalTransformation, Activation or Designing a #BrandNarrative. A basic framework to develop a unique business solution for you covers our learning about you, identifying the communication pegs, generating ideas, mitigating their impact in real life scenarios, and identifying mediums to roll out for optimising outreach and maximising eyeballs. Often, dipstick with a subset of prospective audience forms a part of this.

In the designing phase, the process diverges and expands as information and efficiency is measured through multiple manifestations of the concept. Through a series of evaluation and ‘Yes Matrix’ phases, a single concept is refined, flashed and developed. Herein, comes the carry vehicle. Depending on the audience, this could be social media, technology implementation, on-ground activation, outdoor, syndicate PR, reputation management or conventional media. Our team has dexterity to handle them all.


‘An idea is only as good as the execution is’, they say. We couldn’t agree more! A good execution requires a detailed plan, the right media supervised by experienced people to create operational, marketing and impactful excellence. A detailed planning for key pivots to assess, milestones to watch out for and metrics to track performance are set prior to publishing the communication / program / application / activation.

Two-way communication is key. Customers won’t be happy if your team doesn’t listen to feedback and expectations. Likewise, at our end, we engage various tools to listen to the response to our activity, to understand audience response, to assess our impact and design a course-correction; if necessary to optimise use of every penny spent on your outreach program. The analysis also involves competitors, customer reviews and our team expectations. Objective is not to keep up with results, but to surpass them every time.


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