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Your Go-to-Market Engine #LetsDoThis

It’s always the first few words that hold you back. You keep staring at a blank page wondering how to start. Likewise is the situation with a business. Mostly you have an idea and then you keep staring in the abyss with that thought pondering in your head. Wondering whether to break from the shell of your comfort zone and take the plunge, or just let it be another of those ‘If only’ things in your life.

LetsDoThis is our way of taking you beyond this tipping point. And many similar thresholds when you would want to give up later on. It’s simple and yet not that insignificantly easy.

What We Do?

We partner businesses. The ones that exist. And even the ones that should exist but so far find merit only in your thoughts. We invest time, effort and bring our vast global braintrust network to businesses at all stages :

  1. An idea is often only as good as the execution is. However, indulgent your plans and forecasts may be, without setting the right tonality, brand narrative, business identity, building value generation as part of the design in your product or service and then fostering it in an ecosystem to generate wealth … it’s really not going to take off. We at #LetsDoThis don’t just tell you what you should do. We do it with you.
  2. We design your brand story. We develop your online and offline presence. We direct your narrative to make an impression in the mindset of your audience and plug your business recall there.
  3. We help gather funds for you to get started. Seed funding, Series A funding and beyond.
  4. We gather revenues for your business. We walk the talk. Because our invoices to your business are linked to this one word ‘Corresponding Revenues’.
  5. At various stages, we run Brand Warmth Analysis and Referral Marketing Study on your business to ascertain the lacunas and plug them with constructive measures to enhance performance, efficiency and productivity of the team and the business.
  6. We run the valuation matrix through constant monitoring of data sets to make sure your business hits the appropriate growth trajectory in terms of market share, customer lifecycle value as well as share value.
  7. Hence, we engage with businesses that are Pre Startup Stage, Early Stage Startup, Plateaued Startup or At the Tipping Point of the Next League

Why We Do This?

A pertinent question we are often asked – If you do it all, why not do it for yourself? Well, every business has a product or service, and as a consulting services company our braintrust network of partners, associates and global shapers ensures that we foster access points for your business into various dimensions independent of sector, industry or geography.

We love working with enthusiastic people irrespective of their age. Our core criteria for partnering with businesses is passion and belief that the entrepreneur has in their idea. If they are willing to live their business, we are more than willing to catalyse growth and revenue into the business lifecycle.

What Does It Take?

Like we seek believers in their idea, we are brimming with confidence in our capabilities to deliver what we speak. Hence, right from value-adding to your original idea, to fine-tuning your projections, to scripting a narrative, to choreographing a Go To Market Strategy, we work closely with you. Hence, our service fees are linked to growth. Our focus is not on front-loading consulting costs on to you and make our money, but to walk the distance with you and share the rewards as they come our way.

Think of us as an outsourced Marketing and Sales department that comes with no cost centre liabilities. We make money for you, we charge you. And as sub-custodians of the business, we prefer to have stakes in the business so that we all make the most of the sunshine as it happens. Working matrix of this depends on your nature of the business, product category, delivery schedules, responsiveness to business etc.

Then why wait? #LetsDoThis

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