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May 15, 2020, 2 Comments

Why Should You Hire a Web Development Agency instead of Hiring a Freelancer?

Making a choice between hiring a web agency or a freelancer can be challenging. Let’s say you’ve got this great app or web development idea that you’re looking to build. But since you don’t have a technical background, you may be a little confused about where to go next.

Choosing between a freelancer or a web development agency both have their pros and cons. Both these options are good depending on what your requirement is.

In these cases, you need to hire a development agency

  • If you need a big application which has several features and you’re running short of time with a tight deadline for launch.  And you don’t have a software development team yet.
  • When you don’t have an in-house software development team. You need designers, developers, project managers too for a period of time. But in the long term, you may not necessarily have the requirement.
  • When a startup is at its initial stages, and you’ re looking to build a prototype to go out in the market. Test the waters, it’s best to outsource this to a software development firm.

When to hire a freelance developer?

Freelancers are independent individuals with a marketable skill set, that are either self-employed or are a part of another organization for a specific period of time.

If you’re looking to fill in a certain skill set in your existing team e.g you are looking for a UI developer for 6 months, then it makes sense if you hire a freelance developer to work alongside your current team for the length of the project.

Hiring a single developer to develop an entire project is a big mistake just because it sounds cheaper and easier to manage.

Developing a mobile or web application requires a team effort of several specialised skill sets and a single developer could take longer. Even if they’re able to pull it off, the design could be lacking.

And with the fast-changing technology, you want to be able to get to market faster than your competitors and adjust to your users’ needs.

It is quite unlikely to be skilled at three of the core competencies that are required to create a great product i.e product management, engineering and design.

They all require somewhat different abilities and each take years to master. Therefore it is usually a mistake to hire a single developer to develop the complete application; as it takes much longer to get to market.

Advantages of using a development company:

Value for money

Web development companies will seem pricey compared to all the other options. But when you contemplate what exactly they’re bringing to the table you realise that it’s a huge bargain.

The building and launching of a successful product is rarely a one-man army, not that it isn’t possible. A lot goes into it right from the design aspect, user experience, business standpoint to marketing and more.

Web development companies give you the ability to have this entire team for only the length of the period you would need them.

Complete on-demand expertise

Great web development companies don’t just help you with developing a fully functional website or application. They also help you to get the idea launched, tap into customer feedback and turn them into features (product management).

Remember, that an application is not just a software, it is a business.


Hiring freelancers or a development company are both great options only suitable for certain scenarios.

But if you have the technical leader who has an idea on how to build the development team and knows exactly what skill sets they need to fill up then it might make a lot of sense to hire freelancers.

If you need to build out solutions and don’t have all the required expertise needed to get you up and running and off to market, then it might make sense to hire out a fully-fledged development firm.

Whatever your requirement is, we can help you do both, we hire out full time dedicated developers on-demand.  We also help out companies on a per-project basis.


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