Add on Packages

£ 99 per Month + Online Presence Package

  • Optimise the Target Audience and Target Markets for the posts in all Social Media handles to make sure an efficient Cost Per Lead or Cost Per Viewership.
  • Add Boost Post with paid outreach to your Target Audience for £ 50.
  • Add Analytics report for another  £ 100 to design a knowledge-driven marketing campaign

£ 249 per Month + Online Presence Package

  • Identify, analyse and course-correct, enhance the quality of your outreach campaign by adding this package for Social Listening – getting to know what is being spoken about your brand and company.
  • Find real issues to address and counter in marketing. Become a brand driven by logic and insight.

£ 349 per Month + Online Presence Package

  • Take your market readiness to the next level with a detailed competition analysis of anyone else in the market who has the same idea and business objective- chances of which are pretty high.
  • As they say ‘Keep your friends close and enemies closer!’ This package will give you data to counter competition.

£ 799 per Month + Online Presence Package

  • Actively design a brand narrative to become top of mind recall with your audience. Make sure you are associated with the right keywords.
  • Your audience relates to and feels for the brand vision you present.
  • Generate and retain customer loyalty and customers.

£ 999 per Month + Online Presence Package

  • Wouldn’t you love to have a large section of your audience proactively talk about you? Viral marketing gives you that edge.
  • Often, it comes attached to a Social Cause and helps in abundance to generate positive word of mouth along with an entire wave of audience engaging with it online.
  • Add this package to see how your brand story becomes a rage in a short span.

£ 999 per Month + Online Presence Package

  • Referral Marketing Program allows you to gather more sales with lesser marketing effort offering higher efficiency and Cost per Conversion.
  • We design & execute a referral marketing plan for your business which is open to network, community, relative and friends to contribute to you sales targets.